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Project: Marketing Collaterals (Pulsar)

AXA Singapore Marketing Collaterals & Campaign Design

Intro and Challenges

Brands which are household names speak to customers every day, across countries, cultures and contexts. When the product is finance-related, it’s more important than ever that the message to the customer is credible, reassuring and dependable. Great design is more than just aesthetically-pleasing; it empowers a customer to take control and creates a compelling perspective.

An international brand like AXA, with presence all over the world, has sophisticated and comprehensive branding guidelines to match its visibility and prevalence in multiple markets, across multiple segments. Financial products need to be immediately associated with the ethos of the brand while speaking to the specific needs of the segment and demographics.

Pulsar is a financial product under AXA Singapore, with a long-term savings plan which highlights unique fund offerings and flexible options to suit the lifestyles and needs of each customer. The audience, investors looking for long-term savings plans, needed to feel reassured that the product would grow and evolve with them.


Lively Green began by revisiting the whole set of collaterals, understanding the audience needs, and immersing ourselves in the product. While doing this, we extracted key concepts and explored fresh new ideas and visual inspiration. We then proposed a new visual direction, with style guidelines, photography guidelines and an engaging tone to create collaterals that facilitated easy communication between customers and the brand.

To make the product more transparent and accessible, we re-interpreted infographics and charts to look more customer-friendly and emphasise the unique start-up bonus, one of the main selling points of the product. AXA received a fresh suite of collaterals including a refreshed product brochure, banner, flyer and direct mailer — suitable for marketing communications online and offline.

Restyling a brand is a challenge, but we approach it with intelligence and strategic thinking, with the aim of creating something trustworthy. Eventually, we add value to our clients and engage our clients’ customers. With this sort of passion, every challenge is an opportunity to innovate and excel, for our clients and for ourselves.

AXA Singapore Marketing Collaterals & Campaign Design

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