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Boosting WeChat Engagement: A Visual Transformation for Vanke Hong Kong

Project: Digital Design, Marketing Design, Brand Storytelling

O2O Design Strategy

Intro and Challenges

Vanke Hong Kong, a leader in luxury residential development renowned for eco-friendly living spaces and its “people-centric” design philosophy, sought to enhance overall campaign engagement and capture the attention of potential homebuyers across various touchpoints for three of its key properties.

A clear and intuitive user interface (UI) was essential for a positive user experience, making it easy for users to navigate and digest the information within digital leaflets.

Recognising this challenge, Vanke Hong Kong collaborated with us, a leader in crafting user-friendly and engaging interactive experiences


To align with Vanke’s target audience and intended distribution channels, we prioritised user experience by restructuring the content for enhanced clarity.

We employed a clear visual hierarchy, showcasing a curated selection of interior visuals, including room views and floor plans, and easy-to-understand infographics front and centre. To enhance accessibility and reinforce Vanke Hong Kong’s polished identity, we strategically selected brand-aligned fonts and a combination of English and Chinese characters.

Additionally, to further drive engagement, we optimised the e-leaflets for easier consumption on WeChat by converting them into digestible JPGs. We also strategically positioned elements like QR codes for a seamless user experience.

To complement these digital efforts and complete their O2O (Offline-to-Online) sales strategy, we also designed an exhibition standee showcasing their key properties. The standee leveraged existing visuals and messaging from the WeChat e-leaflets, ensuring a unified brand experience across both digital and physical touchpoints.

O2O Standee Design


With the rollout of their redesigned digital marketing assets, the redesigned WeChat e-leaflets have revolutionised the user experience for potential homebuyers. The exhibition standee physically embodies the campaign, enhancing visibility in high-traffic environments.

The clear visual hierarchy, engaging imagery, and easy-to-read text create a seamless navigation experience within the WeChat environment, making it easier for users to explore Vanke Hong Kong’s properties and simplifying their home search. Strategically placed QR codes provide a convenient way to access additional information, accelerating the research journey.

The overall UI design echoes Vanke Hong Kong’s “people-centric” philosophy, offering a welcoming and informative digital experience for its discerning audience.

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