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Cohesive brand positioning in the professional services industry

DeRische PAC

Project: Brand Design, Communication Design, Branding & Positioning, Brand Storytelling.

DeRische PAC Branding

Intro and Challenges

A strong brand story is the strategic foundation for competitive advantage in the professional advisory landscape. DeRische PAC is a startup offering end-to-end professional services. They wanted to stand out to clients and attract like-minded talent.

As a result, their communication design needed to convey a streamlined narrative aligned with their authentic values. In addition, they needed distinctive employer branding to recruit individuals with similar brand values.


Our team at LivelyGreen conducted market research to kickstart the brand positioning process. Firstly, we segmented market competitors and identified the authentic brand value of DeRische. We explored options to communicate and design the brand. Eventually, we selected the concept of resilience, which responded to market needs and business strategy. Importantly, it reflected the brand’s values and mottos. As a result, we created a brand story positioning DeRische as the ‘Right Strategic Partner’. The corporate identity design incorporated a pie chart metaphor, with the subtle design decision to remove the dot from the ‘i’ to create a professional, minimalist look.
DeRische PAC Branding
DeRische PAC Branding
DeRische PAC Logo Color Development
DeRische PAC Branding - Name Card
DeRische PAC Branding -Power point
DeRische PAC Branding - Envelope
DeRische PAC Branding Letter Head


The powerful brand narrative gave the company and its founder the confidence to enter the market. The brand design impressed customers from the start and, very importantly, communicated the company’s value. Moreover, it aligned the team under a professional corporate identity, and attracted talent who shared the brand’s ethos. Equipped with a cohesive brand design, the company was able to grow a unified team and progress with its expansion plans.

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