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Creative cosmetics branding design for a standout identity


Project: Cosmetics Branding Design, Packaging Design, Marketing Collaterals Development

Yasai cosmetics Brand & Packaging Design

Intro and Challenges

A stunning visual brand identity is vital for cosmetics branding design. Yasai Skincare wanted logo design, marketing collaterals, and packaging design that appealed to students and working adults.

The creative concept had to be aligned with the corporate identity positioning as a reasonably-priced, accessible cosmetics and skincare brand. The design solution had to be simple and beautiful, with nature-inspired visuals to represent the key brand USPs.


The team at LivelyGreen approached this project by investigating what made Yasai cosmetics special. The product features all-natural goodness and a fresh, happy, feel-good vibe. We drew inspiration from the simple leaf pattern of the plant purslane: the essential ingredient and secret to youthful skin in Yasai products. Our team integrated this visual iconography across the cosmetics branding design. An elegant serif typeface complements the brand logo design. We reinforced the uplifting mood of Yasai cosmetics brand design with a carefully-curated colour palette. These hues spark images of warm sunshine, fresh spring mornings, and natural beauty.

Yasai cosmetics Brand & Packaging Design


Joy and natural goodness emanate from the brand’s design, collaterals, and cosmetics packaging. The logo design is versatile enough to work with any colour palette, but it was truly special on the cool bamboo green, especially when silkscreen printed on frosted glass packaging. This fresh, well-aligned visual identity is appealing to a target market that wants an accessible, affordable, and natural cosmetics brand that makes them feel good.

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