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Cultivating Premium Growth with New Brand Identity

Terra Organics


Project: Branding Design, Brand Storytelling, Packaging Design

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Terra Organics Brand Design Project

Intro and Challenges

Frustrated by unhealthy options, limited choices, and uninspired flavours, health-conscious individuals with specific dietary needs like allergies, veganism, or gluten-free lifestyles crave delicious and nutritious food options. That’s where Terra Organics steps in, passionate about providing in exact. Terra Organics, a brand driven by a passion for healthy living, caters to individuals seeking delicious and nutritious food options.

Standing out in a crowded aisle of ordinary pasta brands, Terra Organics needed a distinct identity that spoke to their premium quality and commitment to health. Moreover, Terra Organics aspired to achieve a premium brand image, comparable to competitors like Perfect Earth.

However, navigating the crowded market in this segment posed a significant challenge. Effectively communicating their premium value proposition and differentiating themselves visually became key elements in achieving their desired brand positioning. Designing distinct and modern brand concepts was crucial to convey a sense of quality and sophistication, elevating them above the competition.


With a passion for puzzles and an appetite for insights, LivelyGreen analysed the competitive landscape, both online and in-store. We delved deep into competitor analysis, researching to understand the F&B landscape. Using these insights, we crafted a branding concept centred around powerful storytelling.

Leveraging multifaceted approaches, we first embarked on extensive sketching and brainstorming, sparking a spectrum of ideas for client consideration. Mood boards then helped hone these concepts and solidify the desired brand aesthetic. Lastly, we thoroughly analysed competitor logos to identify clear differentiators for Terra Organics.

Guided by the keywords “health,” “vegan,” “nature,” and “premium,” we presented two initial concepts: “Goodness of Earth” and “Perfect Quality for All of Us.” The client was drawn to ‘Goodness of Earth,’ which resonated deeply with their core values.

Throughout the project, we ensured all design decisions aligned with the client’s objectives, target audience, and market competition. This thoughtful process refined the logo, resulting in a final design that exceeded their expectations.

The logo design embodies both premium quality and modernity, achieved through a clean, bold sans-serif font for ‘Terra’ and a script font for ‘organics’ that adds a touch of warmth and personal connection. This distinction fosters brand differentiation.

Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project
Terra Organics Brand Design Project


Imagine sun-kissed fields whispered by ripening grains, and a graceful rice plant symbolising growth and purity. It’s a sensory experience whispering nature’s essence in every bite. The elegant rice plant logo, with its delicate lines and graceful silhouette, embodies the brand’s essence. It exudes premium qualities while remaining relatable and inviting, symbolising Terra Organics’ commitment to wholesome products. This distinct mark further strengthens their position, strengthening them as a leader in the health food market.

This lasting connection goes beyond visual appeal. It’s about capturing the hearts (and stomachs) of pasta lovers seeking delicious and nutritious options. The new brand identity speaks to their desires, anxieties, and values, making them feel understood and appreciated. Moreover, this positions them as a leader in the health food market.

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