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A distinctive story for financial services branding

Project: Financial Services Branding Design, Brand Positioning

Golden Fortune Derivatives Exchange Branding Design

Intro and Challenges

Financial services branding is a challenging process. GFDE, a Cambodian financial services brand, wanted a strategy that would stand out among global competitors in the international standard derivatives exchange industry. The branding design had to be unique, clearly differentiating the brand from its competitors. GFDE also wanted to be known for reliability and excellence, attracting global customers to invest in an emerging market and highlighting hidden opportunities.


Firstly, our team prioritised comprehensive research in financial services branding. Subsequently, we developed the GFDE brand story, with values reflecting reliability, reputation, speed, and connections.

The gemstone logo forms the core of the visual branding strategy. This visual emblem is an instantly-recognisable symbol of wealth and opportunity across the globe. The gemstone is a world currency that represents capital protection and appreciation.

Over generations, it has remained distinctive for its long-term value and its ability to withstand the tests of time. We built on this classic symbol with a striking colour scheme to reflect the brand position: modern and sleek. We utilised this gemstone concept in GFDE’s logo design. It is also versatile enough to be used across design and brand experiences and sets GFDE apart from other financial services brands.


A powerful and striking brand story establishes GFDE as a trusted financial services brand. The brand design reflects modernity, sophistication, and international standards that appeal to worldwide clients. We highlighted relevant brand values to shape the brand experience and long-term positioning as a trusted service provider. As a result of a strong brand strategy, GFDE had the confidence to deliver exceptional financial branding experiences to global customers.

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