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Effect Audio Brand Logo

Intro and Challenges

EffectAudio approached us with the desire for a distinctive brand strategy and identity to match their stellar reputation in the audiophile community. Founded in 2019 and well-known for precision engineering and high quality sound, the brand manufacturers some of the world’s most expensive audio equipment.

With a new product line launching soon, rebranding was essential for a clear, iconic story.

We discovered that audiences were misinterpreting the logo due to the unclear ‘E’, making the brand name seem like ‘Ffect Audio’. In addition, EffectAudio needed a coherent brand experience to illustrate its commitment to audio perfection.


LivelyGreen started with extensive audience research, competitor analysis, and brand immersion. We developed a strong positioning strategy to reflect the brand’s values and USPs, then created audience personas to diversify the brand’s reach across entry level and audiophile segments. Working closely with the EffectAudio team, we devised improved product mapping and product naming strategy, removing overlaps. We simplified the brand language, resulting in a slogan and tagline that emphasised the brand’s outstanding, expansive sound.

Simultaneously, we refined the logo to retain the brand’s identity while adding energy and modernity. To complement the brand strategy, we designed a set of visuals including product manuals, poster, website UI, and social media and eDM templates. Finally, we developed a comprehensive brand manual that encapsulated EffectAudio’s commitment to creating exceptional soundscapes.
Effect Audio Brand Logo_Before Rebranding
Effect Audio Brand Logo_After Rebranding
Effect Audio Logo Branding_The Process

To portray Effect Audio as a top & remarkable brand within the industry, a “Bold” & “Solid” wordmark is established together with a re-balanced iconic cable symbol, showing its commitment to achieving remarkable quality for audiences.

Effect Audio Logo Branding_The Process
Effect Audio - Brand Graphics usage
Effect Audio - Brand Graphics on App
Effect Audio - Brand Colourscheme
Effect Audio - Brand Photography Style
Typeface Effect Audio Brand
Typeface Effect Audio Brand
Effect Audio Logo Brand Engrave


The result went beyond rebranding, to design an impressive brand experience across every stage of the user journey.

With this confidence and alignment, the brand is now empowered to reach new audiences. The brand’s positioning and robust product structure future-proofs the brand, while maintaining its position as a niche market leader.

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