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Forging the Sustainable Path: A Holistic Journey Towards a Greener Future

Project: Communication Design, Brand Storytelling.

YTL Powerseraya - Sustainability Report

Intro and Challenges

In the energy landscape, there is a dynamic play between power generation and sustainability. How are we prioritising environment responsibility, fostering community connections, and delivering value? One tangible way companies respond to this curiosity is through sustainability reports. The insights from these reports are not merely for display. They offer valuable insights that guide companies in aligning environmental goals with their business strategies.

YTL PowerSeraya Pte. Limited
is a leading player in Singapore’s energy sector. With an ESG commitment rooted in its visionary 60-30 strategy, the company embarked on a remarkable journey of sustainable promise. As the world reshaped itself post-pandemic, YTL PowerSeraya embraced the theme, Forging Ahead, a testament to its unwavering spirit and commitment to a brighter, greener future.

Ensuring Continuity:
Sustainability efforts are an ongoing journey, not a single event. LivelyGreen had to establish a seamless transition from the previous report edition to maintain a sense of continuity and progress in YTL PowerSeraya’s sustainability initiatives.

Crafting a Cohesive Theme:
The challenge was to create a thematic concept that not only showcased this continuity but also aligned perfectly with YTL PowerSeraya’s status as an industry leader in the energy sector.


In response to these challenges, LivelyGreen, a strategic design consultancy, crafted the theme, Forging Ahead as the cornerstone of the sustainability report. This theme seamlessly addressed the need for continuity and YTL PowerSeraya’s leadership position in the energy sector.

To bring the Forging Ahead theme to life, LivelyGreen employed a strategic design approach that harmonised with YTL PowerSeraya’s brand identity. The theme featured an athletic figure with vibrant blue stripes, visually representing the company’s image as a dynamic industry leader.

To reinforce the theme, we creatively infused symbols of sustainability throughout the report, serving as powerful visual cues that highlighted YTL PowerSeraya’s commitment to environmental responsibility and corporate citizenship. Each report section, covering Climate-Related Disclosures, Environmental Performance, Social Performance, and External Engagements, was designed to captivate readers personally.

Additionally, We presented numerical data creatively, making the statistics come to life and reinforcing YTL PowerSeraya’s dedication to transparency and sustainability in an engaging way.

A dedicated section was also introduced to celebrate the milestones reached despite global challenges, backed by infographics and timelines that mapped out the company’s steadfast march towards its 60-30 vision.
YTL Powerseraya - Sustainability Report
YTL Powerseraya - Sustainability Report
YTL Powerseraya - Sustainability Report
YTL Powerseraya - Sustainability Report


The ‘Forging Ahead’ theme in YTL’s sustainability report successfully resonated with stakeholders, creating a strong brand connection. This resonance was further amplified by the theme’s narrative of sustainability progress, leading to increased stakeholder engagement levels.

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