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From Vision to Visuals: The Strategic Branding of TechX Ventures

Project: Branding Design, Brand Storytelling, Communications Design

Intro and Challenges

TechX Ventures is a subsidiary of Home Team Science & Technology Agency (HTX) that aims to create a Homeland Security Hub in Singapore.

Its mission is to bring together global leaders to exchange ideas, network, and collaborate to advance public safety and security science and technology.

Straddling the roles of a leader and a facilitator, TechX Ventures aims to become the preeminent platform for collaboration. Their biennial TechX Summit exemplifies this approach, fostering knowledge exchange and sparking innovation. However, to truly achieve its vision, TechX Ventures needed a brand that reflected its unique positioning.


Developing the branding for TechX Ventures was a comprehensive and strategic effort. Recognising the importance of establishing a clear brand hierarchy and avoiding any misinterpretation of overlapping goals and functions, we undertook the challenge of developing TechX Ventures from the ground up.

Central to our approach was understanding what matters most to TechX Ventures: safety, homeland security, collaboration, and exchanging ideas and knowledge.

Our team embarked on a multi-faceted research strategy that combined market analysis with an in-depth understanding of how TechX Ventures’ peers position themselves within the ecosystem. This approach laid the groundwork for our design process, ensuring a solid foundation from which to build a distinctive and impactful brand identity.

In crafting the branding design for TechX Ventures, we delved into its core brand elements: Technology, Dynamic, Connect, Collaboration, Interaction, and Networking Security. Our design approach aimed to encapsulate the essence of TechX Ventures company’s ethos.

The final logo embodies connectivity, innovation, and unity, reflecting TechX Ventures’ commitment to advancing Homeland Security. The bold, technologically inspired typeface for “Tech” and “Ventures” aimed to communicate the organisation’s commitment to leading security solutions while incorporating the “X” from the HTX logo (parent organisation) which symbolises bonding.

Recognising the importance of colour in brand communication, we selected “greenery green” to symbolise fresh ideas and new collaborations, complemented by “silver,” reflecting a dynamic, proactive stance. This enhanced the logo’s visual appeal and reinforced the brand’s messaging.

Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity Components
Corporate Identity Lockup
Corporate Identity Social Media Demo
Business Card
Social Media Demo
Website Demo


Crafting a clear and distinct brand identity was crucial for TechX Ventures, aligning with its role as a leader and facilitator in spearheading collaboration while mitigating confusion over overlapping goals and functions.

Our strategic branding design positioned TechX Ventures as a Homeland Security Hub, symbolising security and global collaboration. Through meticulous typography and colour palette choices, we established its leadership in innovation. Our design approach ensured seamless integration into the HTX ecosystem.

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