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Mapping the Journey of Sustainable Report Design

Project: Communication Design, Brand Storytelling.

PUB Singapore Sustainability Report Design

Intro and Challenges

Today, where environmental consciousness is paramount, a Sustainability Report not only embodies trust, accountability, and responsibility but also signals a forward-looking ethos essential for a robust reputation.

For PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, the task at hand was to design a sustainability report that not only detailed their initiatives but also resonated with a broad audience group. Their requirement was twofold: to showcase the impact of their sustainability initiatives and to encapsulate this through a compelling visual metaphor, effectively communicating their latest case studies and partnerships.


In designing PUB’s sustainability report, our team tackled various challenges. It was imperative to craft a narrative aligning with the stature and mission of a public agency like PUB, while simultaneously structuring the content intuitively. Our collaboration with PUB was instrumental in crystallising the report’s framework around three pillars: Water and Sustainable Management, People and Partnerships, and Business Excellence. This framework highlighted PUB’s services and partnerships, emphasising the vital role of public participation and internal process optimisation in sustainability.

Recognising the importance of a sustainability report, we focused on presenting information that was not just visually appealing but also accurate, timely, and strategically relevant. We endeavoured to make the data not just accessible but actionable, facilitating stakeholder understanding of PUB’s sustainability efforts and areas for improvement.

In crafting the narrative, “Water for Everyone. Everyone for Water,” we initially contemplated the use of stock photos for greater engagement. However, a review of PUB’s existing marketing assets led both teams to a pivotal decision: using their original photos. This approach lent authenticity to the report while vividly illustrating their year-long initiatives and progress.

The design elements – minimalistic icons, tables, graphs, and infographics – were not mere aesthetic choices; they were strategically employed to enhance trust and improve PUB’s brand perception, encouraging further collaboration and national-level sustainability development.

PUB Singapore Sustainability Report Design
PUB Singapore Sustainability Report Design
PUB Singapore Sustainability Report Design
PUB Singapore Sustainability Report Design
PUB Singapore Sustainability Report Design


Our strategic design approach went beyond highlighting PUB’s sustainability achievements; it effectively laid out their future objectives and strategies in an engaging and coherent manner. This approach deepened stakeholder commitment and enthusiasm.

The integration of relevant visuals and infographics transformed the report into a beacon of information and inspiration, emphasising the potential and importance of sustainable water practices.

Consequently, the report has become a pivotal resource for stakeholders, both within and outside the organisation, fostering a deeper understanding and support for sustainable water management.

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