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Project: Brand Identities, Corporate website & collaterals

NTUC Health Brand Identity & Collaterals Design

Intro and Challenges

Some organisations are brand new. Others are born out of unique synergies with existing organisations and bodies. When that happens, branding takes on an additional dimension. Balancing the varied identities of a comprehensive portfolio, while also unifying the visuals with sub brands, and concurrently creating a distinctive new brand that speaks of experience and values, is a challenge. But every challenge is an opportunity when we are so passionate about our work.

The management of individual health is an important social function with profound impact on all aspects of society — public healthcare, health policy, social services and the role of the family. Amidst the push for more integrated healthcare for the whole family including the elderly, NTUC Health was formed on 1 July 2014, with the aim to “bring happiness and peace of mind to individuals and families by delivering trusted care good enough for ourselves and our loved ones.” NTUC Health consolidated the range of health and eldercare services offered by NTUC, to meet the growing and fast-changing needs of families and their dependents.

Care, respect, integrity and passion are the four key values of NTUC Health. As a newly-formed body, NTUC Health saw the need to express these values effectively. Lively Green was brought on board to work on the new identity, with the aim of creating an immediate connection with the audience and demonstrating the capabilities of NTUC Health to help families along their ongoing healthcare journey. As NTUC already has several existing brands with their own diverse identities, colourscapes and brand associations, the new brand identity created had to be distinct from these. At the same time, the new brand had to be in sync with existing sub brands which are already well-known to the public. The parameters of the project were therefore an exciting challenge.


As always, Lively Green met the challenge with rigorous research and our unique blend of creativity and business know-how. We developed the brand identity, brand manual, corporate stationery and corporate website design. The logo incorporates NTUC’s close relationship with the Labour Movement, reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to supporting working families.

The visuals combined a dark teal and fresh green, supported by secondary colours in vivid hues to bring together NTUC Health’s comprehensive portfolio while creating visual unity across the brand. The result was a brand identity that was fresh and new but, at the same time, reassuring and reminiscent of the long-term relationship that NTUC as a whole has with Singaporean families.

The deep satisfaction that comes with successfully meeting a challenge was the validation that we needed to carry on with our mission of creating great brands for great organisations.

NTUC Health Brand Identity & Collaterals Design

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