Auberge Discovery bay (HK)

Project: Brand Identity & Collaterals

The White Chapel is Hong Kong’s only seaside chapel. Bordered by mountains and boasting oceanfront views, the chapel evokes a sense of romance and pageantry, creating an illusion of couples exchanging their vows on the water.

Stemming from the inspiration of White Chapel’s elegantly sleek design, the brand identity adopts a similar outlook. The pointy icon mimics the outline of the White Chapel like a pinnacle reaching out for the heavens, while the wavy strokes represent the surrounding ocean waves and luscious greenery. Pastel teal and blue were used to exude serenity and tranquillity, keeping it classy yet not too extravagant. To top it off, an elegant serif font polished the entire brand identity, in hope to douse its audiences in a hopelessly romantic atmosphere.

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