National Healthcare Group

Project: Corporate Advertisements

With the rapid growth of ageing population, it is and will continue posing a huge challenge to our local healthcare system. A new model of care is inevitably needed to keep up with these evolving healthcare needs.

As a leading public healthcare provider in Singapore, our client understands well on the importance of delivering holistic healthcare services that promote health, prevent illness and preserve quality of life. Therefore, they have taken a pro-active approach reaching out to public and promote a new mindset shift, from “illness care” to “wellness care”.

To encourage public to embark on this new and sustainable model of care journey together, Lively Green recognised that a trigger point is necessary as it is simply the same as starting a new diet plan. We had suggested a series of motivative visual & style featuring various healthy & forward-looking lifestyle scenario onto the corporate advertisements to reflect this positive mindset shift.

No matter who we are, everyone is the star for our own health.

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