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Developing publication design for social impact and transparency

Project: Communication Design, Brand Storytelling.

MWS Annual Report Design Cover

Intro and Challenges

Publication and Annual Report design inspires trust, communicates transparency, and builds a strong reputation in the social services field. Methodist Welfare Services, a social services agency which has been operational in Singapore since 1977, needed an Annual Report design that conveyed their brand story and impact on diverse beneficiaries.

Moreover, they wanted a visual metaphor to communicate how they worked continuously through the pandemic to strengthen the core of communities.


Our team at LivelyGreen delved into analysis of MWS’s work. Firstly, we defined the brand positioning, striking a balance with a warm, bold, friendly, and contemporary approach. Importantly, we knew that the Annual Report layout had to avoid being overly corporate, while appealing to various stakeholders. Therefore, we went through a comprehensive design process. This included multiple rounds of developing a suitable visual metaphor to fit the client’s preferred theme for the year: ‘Strengthening Our Core for better care, fuller life’.

We had to design a visual that encapsulated the ideas of ‘strength’ and ‘core’ clearly to multiple audiences. In addition, we needed a simple brand story demonstrating the client’s authentic impact in a focused, down-to-earth manner.

Finally, our communication design and colour palette had to allow MWS’s work and impact to shine, while conveying transparency and trust to reassure audiences that funds were being used with integrity.

MWS Annual Report Design Divider
MWS Annual Report Design Divider
MWS Annual Report Design Web Publishing
MWS Annual Report Design Overall


We developed a trustworthy brand story and communication design to be applied across multiple collaterals. Using light tones to convey dignity and reassurance, we created the Annual Report and Corporate Governance Report, including full and abridged versions.

In addition, we addressed the need for a visual metaphor by designing a memorable antique toy motif to communicate the client’s longstanding experience with a human touch. We selected photos strategically to highlight impact areas, with a minimalist 5-divider layout prioritising readability.

With a streamlined publication design, MWS was able to communicate its impact clearly, and demonstrate its readiness for future challenges.

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