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Seamless go-to-market strategy with upbeat design

Project: Marketing Campaign, Digital Campaign, Marketing Collaterals Development

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Intro and Challenges

A go-to-market strategy needs a seamless design approach. This marketing campaign (AXA Level Up Campaign) was part of our long-term tactical marketing and design projects with AXA Insurance. The strategy required striking, consistent visuals for lead generation, going beyond individual design collaterals.

The go-to-market strategy spanned design for Facebook Ads, social media posts, eDM, and WhatsApp e-banner. The design collaterals had varied audiences from customers to AXA representatives.


At LivelyGreen, we approached this marketing campaign by finding a balance between feel-good visuals and accessible information. We developed a graphic design colour palette that would attract attention across varied platforms. We then crafted strategic messaging that was tailor-made for each touchpoint, adapting the tone and approach to each unique digital context. We created multiple static and animated collaterals, ensuring that the visuals and content complemented each other to support the lead generation strategy. 

Our design concept had to ensure that essential information was conveyed effectively at each touchpoint, while maintaining conciseness, clarity, and positivity.

AXA Singapore Marketing Campaign Design (AXA Level Up Campaign) -eDM and Landing page design


The marketing campaign launched successfully, reaching a wide audience across multiple platforms. The friendly visuals were eye-catching on Facebook and other social media campaigns, creating recall and recognition. 

With a feel-good vibe and encouraging approach, the graphic design and strategically-crafted messaging worked cohesively to enable sales representatives to reach out to customers directly. From start to finish, the campaign delivered on its visual promise seamlessly and effectively.

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