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Project: Brand Identity & Collaterals (e-Commerce SOS)

Singtel eCommerce SOS Branding Design

How do we take branding beyond striking graphics and cool visual messaging? Understanding our clients’ customers is one of the key tasks we face when embarking on a brand project. It’s up to us to get into the minds of the target market, draw out their concerns, and communicate with them using a consistent brand message that adds value.

Our team got into the mindset of the target audience and drew out the main requirements for this project “eCommerceSOS”: the need for lots of valuable information that’s easy to view, lightweight and simple. Therefore, we created a fresh tone and logo to reflect the smooth and easy nature of online transactions, and created iconic shopping cart and credit card icons. Our mission is to ensure that our clients and their customers also feel a deep sense of pleasure when using and interacting with the brands we create.

Singtel eCommerce SOS Branding Design

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